About KnowH2O

KnowH2O (est. 2013) is a company that combines applied research with consultancy, field work with modelling experiments, and content with people. Hydrology, irrigation and drainage, water quality and water management are our expertise. Besides this, we can manage projects, processes and teams of professionals in water. We connect up to date technical knowledge to people and are targeting innovation. We focus on good quality of our work, with which our customers will be satisfied.

KnowH2O has its roots at the Wageningen University/NL. Gé van den Eertwegh, PhD, is the owner of KnowH2O and senior hydrologist. He is capable of connecting and integrating different disciplines in water and environment, hydrology and water quality. Meanwhile, his professional experience covers project management and over 10 years of team leadership. Hydrology and quantative water management, rainfall-runoff simulation, vadose zone hydrology, controlled drainage and (sub)irrigation and surface water composition were all part of his MSc and PhD University degree program. He is member of honour of the Dutch Hydrological Society. Dion van Deijl MSc. is hydrologist with expertise on computer modelling, GIS, analysis of remote sensing data, extensive field sensoring and online presentation of monitoring information.

KnowH2O has an active network in The Netherlands and elsewhere. We are experienced in Dutch and international projects, including in China, Malaysia, USA, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Romania. We work closely together with partners that cover GIS-ICT aspects in hydrology and large-scale distributed hydrological modelling.

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CV –  Gé van den Eertwegh.

CV – Dion van Deijl

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