SPECTORS Interreg V-A field campaign Hupsel Brook catchment

On May 31, 2017, we conducted a SPECTORS Interreg V-A project (EU) field campaign at the Hupsel Brook catchment, in use as an open air field laboratory since 1965. Joint forces of Wageningen-UR Geo Information Science and Remote Sensing, KWR Watercylce Research Institute, and KnowH2O got together successfully. A WUR-student group on Academic Consultancy Training, with KnowH2O, KWR, and Rijn & IJssel Water Board as commissioners, assisted very well and teamed up along with us.

We conducted field observations at the KWR 2.8 ha lysimeter test field within the catchment, performing ground measurements as well as from the air, using a RPAS. Surface temperature, soil moisture, and soil compaction measurements took place, along with hyperspectral and thermal infrared (TIR) observations flying the RPAS. Parallelly, we covered the 650 ha catchment as a whole with TIR, NIR, and RGB-colour images, which were organized by KnowH2O and facilitated by DRO Remote Sensing.

Data elaboration has started. To be continued…