Haidong City, China – Urban planning and hydrological issues

Cliënt: Municipality of Haidong, Qinghai Province, China

Partners: NL Urban Solutions and ISRIC

Period: January-April 2014

Targets: Urban planning in Haidong City within Huangshui River basin


The Haidong city area in the mid north of China, west of Lanzhou city, is developing rapidly. The Chinese government has planned to develop the city and to enlarge it. People in the rural areas will be encouraged to move to Haidong the next years to come. In the area, some soil erosion and water management issues exist. The Huangshui River, a tributary of the Yellow River, crosses Haidong city. Redesign of the city, design of new to build areas, of sloping surrounding areas, and of parts of the river banks can contribute to decrease water-related problems. Also, the water use and waste water disposal by the developing urban area can be improved and optimized, in order to obtain more and more clean water for downstream users.