Small Island Developing States (SIDS): information portal on climate change, mitigation, and adaptation activities

Client: RVO, The Netherlands
Partners: –
Period: April-June 2016
Objective: Terms of Reference for project call on information portal


During the 50th anniversary of UNDP, a lunch meeting was organized by the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Mrs. Ploumen. Amongst others, she introduced the Dutch Risk Reduction Team – Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Climate Change Portal. Many SIDS of 39 in total around the globe, face similar challenges concerning climate change and related socio-economic factors. In the search for solutions, “the Dutch” are often recognized as possible actors who can add value and expertise towards more resilient Small Island Developing States. The expectation is that SIDS can benefit from our Dutch integral approach to climate-resilience, due to our collective experience with water-related challenges and overarching multiple layers of implementation and governance structures. Indications were given during the lunch meeting, that a central collection point for climate change related challenges and solutions would benefit many, if not all SIDS.

This is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands has given the DRR-Team the task to investigate the feasibility and format of a digital portal and to either build a new portal after the specifications given, or to extend and elaborate an already existing portal. The design and implementation of a portal needs to be geared towards a bundling of all relevant information, ease of use, and cater to the majority of potential questions by SIDS, ranging from technical information to financial and project development opportunities. A programmatic approach for the DRR-Team missions to SIDS countries will be designed to further the use and support the visibility of the portal.

A Terms of Reference (ToR) has been compiled as a basis for a project call. The ToR focuses on implementation of an information portal on climate change, mitigation, and adaptation activities.







Global map of SIDS